rise of the ancients by justin jamesRise of the Ancients by Justin James is now available!

Thanks for stopping by.  Justin James has now released the third and final book in the trilogy – The Chronicles of Night – called
RISE OF THE ANCIENTS.  (Now available on Amazon.com).

Framed for treason and murder, Jackson flees the Citadel of Night in the hope of finding refuge in the Heart of the Mountains.

Read the full synopsis of Rise of the Ancients and enjoy the epic conclusion of The Chronicles of Night trilogy.

The first book in the series is The Conquest of Night followed by
The Citadel of Night.

The Citadel of Night by Justin JamesThe Citadel of Night (The Chronicles of Night)

In The Citadel of Night (book 2), 16-year-old Jackson Taeric is assigned to Falcon’s small expedition force.

His mission is to carve a path to the Citadel while crippling the receding Night’s defenses.  In an impossible attempt to cross an uncharted country, Jackson battles alongside the Eternai through sunken caves, frozen mountains, and an enchanted forest…but his loyalty to the Eternai is called into question when he receives a letter inviting him to join the Night, written by the Mistress herself.

The Conquest of Night (book 1)

The Conquest of Night by Justin JamesFind the first new teen fantasy fiction book  “The Conquest of Night” internationally available in paperback and digital forms.

Get the paperback book here on Amazon. (U.S.)

Get the Conquest of Night (book 1) paperback  in Canada here on Amazon.ca (Canada): The Conquest of Night

Also available on Kindle: The Conquest of Night – Kindle Version.

The Conquest of Night by Justin James

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