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YA Fiction Books 2013


Best top rated 2013 teen fiction bookYA fiction books are becoming more popular as not only teens are reading them, but adults as well. Movies such as the Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Twilight among others have put YA fiction into the mainstream.

For 2013, one of the best YA fiction books available is The Conquest of Night by Justin James (I may be biased).

Other books for 2013 include:

The House of Hades (Rick Riordan) which is the newest book in the Heroes of Olympus series. The previous books in the series were fun and tied in both Greek and Roman threads to a fanciful world. I’m looking forward to reading that one for myself.
Fyre (Angie Sage) is the continuation of another series I used to enjoy as a kid. Septimus Heap combined adventure and magic in an entertaining way.

I may be persuaded to pick up a copy of Fyre as well.

Beyonders: Chasing the Prophecy (Brandon Mull) is one of the books I’m anticipating most for 2013. I enjoyed his writing and wonder he brought with Fablehaven. The Beyonders series is simply a continuation of Brandon Mull’s brilliance.

On a whole, I’m looking forward to the 2013 releases these authors have prepared for us.I’ll post a review of some of my favourite stories before I hide them away in my library.

This year reading novels will be even more exciting with the release of new books including the second book in the Chronicles of Night trilogy! People have made lists of books and divided them into different genres to help find the best books to read. When searching for fiction books, one can not just rely on the covers but on recommendations by friends and online reviews. I have seen some romance book authors resort to giveaways to promote their book while others rely on word of mouth. A score or rating is voted on by readers and also by those who have an opionion on the book derived through conversation with others who have read it.

For the reader, there is really only one way to know if an individual likes a particular book and that is to read it either by buying the book, checking it out from the library, downloading onto an ereader or Kindle, or finding it used. Enjoy your favorite beverage and transport yourself into a beautiful setting where the contents of your book debuts.

Enjoy your good reads for 2013!

New Justin James Author Page on Facebook

News: “The Conquest of Night author Justin James just created a new Facebook page.  Stop by and LIKE it to find out when the second book in the series will become available.  ”

I just created the Justin James fan page at to keep everyone updated on the progress of the second book and update everyone on  fantasy fiction news.  It would be great if you stopped by and liked the page!