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Author Justin James has completed The Chronicles of Night trilogy with the third and final book entitled Rise of the Ancients.

Read the synopsis of the gripping conclusion of this series penned during Justin’s teen years.

Rise of the Ancients by Justin James

Framed for treason and murder,

Jackson fled the Citadel of Night in the hope of finding refuge in the Heart of the Mountains.  Only Cate, the girl who had rescued Jackson, accompanied him on his transient journey.  Under King Talon, the Eternai forces prepare for the continent-wide manhunt to find and apprehend these fugitives.

Jackson is granted sanctuary upon reaching the mountains, but soon learns that disappearing into the background is simply not an option. As tensions escalate, Jackson unwittingly stirs an ancient eveil – the Olund’Taei, a brood of bloodthirsty frost dragons–from its spellbound slumber.

Facing a now unstoppable force, Jackson is left with no choice but to search the eastern deserts for the dormant Kirin’Taei–fire dragons and sworn nemesis of their frost cousins. Only with the Kirin’Taei can Jackson clear his name and save Telosra.

In this thrilling conclusion to the Chronicles of Night, Jackson will forge new alliances and traverse uncharted lands. Jackson must now be the harbinger of justice, lest the truth and future of his people, the Night, die with him.