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Author Justin James has completed The Chronicles of Night trilogy with the third and final book entitled Rise of the Ancients.

Read the synopsis of the gripping conclusion of this series penned during Justin’s teen years.

Rise of the Ancients by Justin James

Framed for treason and murder,

Jackson fled the Citadel of Night in the hope of finding refuge in the Heart of the Mountains.  Only Cate, the girl who had rescued Jackson, accompanied him on his transient journey.  Under King Talon, the Eternai forces prepare for the continent-wide manhunt to find and apprehend these fugitives.

Jackson is granted sanctuary upon reaching the mountains, but soon learns that disappearing into the background is simply not an option. As tensions escalate, Jackson unwittingly stirs an ancient eveil – the Olund’Taei, a brood of bloodthirsty frost dragons–from its spellbound slumber.

Facing a now unstoppable force, Jackson is left with no choice but to search the eastern deserts for the dormant Kirin’Taei–fire dragons and sworn nemesis of their frost cousins. Only with the Kirin’Taei can Jackson clear his name and save Telosra.

In this thrilling conclusion to the Chronicles of Night, Jackson will forge new alliances and traverse uncharted lands. Jackson must now be the harbinger of justice, lest the truth and future of his people, the Night, die with him.


The Citadel of Night by Justin JamesThe Citadel of Night is complete!  Book 2 in the planned trilogy is now on and in its first release.

Teen author Justin James originally penned The Conquest of Night as book 1 in the Chronicles of Night.

Jackson Taeric returns in the Citadel of Night. In this treacherous land with unexplored dangers lurking in every shadow, Jackson
depends on questionable allies with dark pasts.  He is assigned to Falcon’s small expedition force, given the mission of carving a
path to the Citadel while crippling the receding Night’s defenses.

As the Eternai close in on the Citadel, Jackson must decide; should he continue bearing the Eternai banner, or should he kill their king?

The official release for The Citadel of Night is in January, 2014 but pre-release copies are already available.

The book opens with “The Eternai Fleet plowed through the waves, gliding closer and closer to their destination. Upon the Charger, the lead ship in the fleet, Jackson Taeric sweated beneath the rising sun. Some of the deckhands had chose to abandon their shirts, and he wished he had the freedom to do the same, but it wouldn’t be seemly for a someone in Prince Falcon’s retinue to do so. “.

Teen author Justin James is writing his SAT today – Dec. 7, 2013 and hopes to attend a high level business program at a U.S. university.


Hey all, hope you’re having a fun summer. I’ve finally finished the first draft of the sequel to “The Conquest of Night”, which I have decided to  call “The Citadel of Night.” Thank you for your feedback on my Facebook page, every vote helped influence my decision. Wow, I am extremely excited to share with you Jackson’s latest adventures. In The Citadel of Night, I bring back all of the lovable characters from the first book (including Nidle, of course) but also introduce some new personalities, which I’m proud to say are bizarre in opposite extremes. Some new characters include Borris the mountain lord, Dimitri the rogue Ssalendris, and Billadee Bobba. However, my favourite character to write for in the second book was definitely Keldarich. That man knows just how to keep everyone on their toes!

This is a sneak-peek the first draft synopsis for the second book in the Chronicles of Night series. Enjoy!

The Citadel Justin JamesThe war rages on…

The Eternai have driven the Night from their lands after a costly battle in Verden. From his liberated throne, King Talon ordered the Eternai war machine onto their new target; the shadowy and mysterious realm of Night.
16 year old Jackson Taeric is assigned to Falcon’s small expedition force, given the mission of carving a path to the Citadel while crippling the receding Night’s defenses.

In an impossible attempt to explore an uncharted country, Jackson battles alongside the Eternai through sunken caves, frozen mountains, and an enchanted forest…but his loyalty to the Eternai is called into question when he receives a letter inviting him to join the Night, written by the Mistress herself.

Jackson discovers his forgotten past in this world and is forced to reconsider his allegiance. Foreign allies bring new light onto the battle, and former friends reveal their true colours. As the Eternai close in on the Citadel, Jackson must decide; should he continue bearing the Eternai banner, or should he kill their king?




The sequel to The Conquest of Night is nearing completion! First versions and drawings of the new cover design are in. This is a black and white mockup of what the new book cover will look like for The Citadel of Night – Book 2.

Citadel of Night Book Cover Drawing

Once this version gets colorized and adjusted, then will begin working on book cover title and text.

Have a great summer vacation!


Justin James now on Goodreads Author Page

Visit Justin James author page on Goodreads and if you already read the book, it would be great if you would leave a review here:   for The Conquest of Night.

Goodreads best of 2013 is currently being compiled.   In 2012, the Goodreads choice awards for 2012 in the fiction category showed J.K. Rowling’s new book ranking near the top. In the historical fiction category, the Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman was a winner.

In the Young Adult Fantasy category, Insurgent took top marks receiving over 23,000 votes.

The newest book that surely will make the 2013 list is The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan.

Justin James on Goodreads



Amazon Teen Fiction Writer Award

The Conquest of Night by teen author Justin James has made it to the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award!  Thanks everyone for your support and currently working on Book 2 – The Citadel of Night.

The book with over 50,000 words qualified for the next round with a grand prize of $50,000 along with expanded distribution and a higher tier publishing contract.

Thanks to all of you who voted on the naming of the second book on the Justin James author facebook page.

Will keep you posted on the next round!



Amazon Teen Novel Award

YA Fiction Books 2013


Best top rated 2013 teen fiction bookYA fiction books are becoming more popular as not only teens are reading them, but adults as well. Movies such as the Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Twilight among others have put YA fiction into the mainstream.

For 2013, one of the best YA fiction books available is The Conquest of Night by Justin James (I may be biased).

Other books for 2013 include:

The House of Hades (Rick Riordan) which is the newest book in the Heroes of Olympus series. The previous books in the series were fun and tied in both Greek and Roman threads to a fanciful world. I’m looking forward to reading that one for myself.
Fyre (Angie Sage) is the continuation of another series I used to enjoy as a kid. Septimus Heap combined adventure and magic in an entertaining way.

I may be persuaded to pick up a copy of Fyre as well.

Beyonders: Chasing the Prophecy (Brandon Mull) is one of the books I’m anticipating most for 2013. I enjoyed his writing and wonder he brought with Fablehaven. The Beyonders series is simply a continuation of Brandon Mull’s brilliance.

On a whole, I’m looking forward to the 2013 releases these authors have prepared for us.I’ll post a review of some of my favourite stories before I hide them away in my library.

This year reading novels will be even more exciting with the release of new books including the second book in the Chronicles of Night trilogy! People have made lists of books and divided them into different genres to help find the best books to read. When searching for fiction books, one can not just rely on the covers but on recommendations by friends and online reviews. I have seen some romance book authors resort to giveaways to promote their book while others rely on word of mouth. A score or rating is voted on by readers and also by those who have an opionion on the book derived through conversation with others who have read it.

For the reader, there is really only one way to know if an individual likes a particular book and that is to read it either by buying the book, checking it out from the library, downloading onto an ereader or Kindle, or finding it used. Enjoy your favorite beverage and transport yourself into a beautiful setting where the contents of your book debuts.

Enjoy your good reads for 2013!