Fantasy Fiction Books for Readers in Middle School

Teen Fantasy Fiction Books for Middle SchoolIn addition to The Conquest of Night, some popular fantasy fiction books in middle school include Divergent by Veronica Roth, Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane from the Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins and the Red Pyramid from the Kane Chronicles.

It seems all of these books are related to chronicles! Another popular middle school fiction book is the Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary known as Feblehaven Book 4 by Brandon Mull.

Leviathan, Explorer: The Mystery Boxes, The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Book of Wonders also made it to middle school librarys. Funny enough I did not realize that Ian Fleming who created the James Bond series also did the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang paperback fiction book.

I have read the Maze Runner, I am Number Four and Chronicles of Narnia as well.

What is your favourite fantasy fiction book, or which fantasy fiction books have you noticed that are popular in the middle school library?

For readers in the age 9-12 bracket, it can sometimes be tough to find a book that is exciting enough but also still somewhat age appropriate.  Eragon, Magyk and The Golem’s Eye combine mythology with fantasy and meet that need.  A great choice would be The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

Realistic fiction books for middle school seem to resonate with some readers while science fiction or historical fiction are preferred by others.  The Conquest of Night was written with adventure in mind after having been exposed to dozens of books in this category and also written by a teen for teens, rather than being written by an adult.

Top teen fiction books are exciting and also humorous and range from classic fiction to the best of the books having become a movie as well.

Thanks to my friends and readers for their recommendations as the avg. rating left by people who read The Conquest of Night has been very high.  Many writers choose to write in several genres, but fantasy fiction is especially close to me as I have ready many popular novels in this genre and really enjoy them.  This has inspired me to complete the trilogy of The Chronicles of Night and share magic and the many adventures of living in a parallel world with the Eternai and the Night.

2011 was the year I really believed I could share the story and with support from friends, family and fellow students, I embarked on the project by putting alot of thought into this new world from the people who lived there to the king that ruled over the land.  Although peace had existed for centuries, war was imminent and it was a good thing that Jackson found himself there from his hum-drum existence through a portal and into the middle of the brewing conflict and battle.

A boy with good character whose family abused him but who knew he would gain the power to control his own life and destiny in the days he spent in the land of the Eternai.  The book is appropriate for kids, young adults and any reader who loves epic fantasy fiction novels.  I hope you get a chance to read The Conquest of Night and be part of the reviews on Amazon, Google, Goodreads and other review sites and groups.  Discover your favourite person, child, animal or being in the book and let us know who you like best.  The first book does not have a witch or a wizard in it, but does have mythical creatures and even talking animals who live in the shadows of the forest, to some fun beasts who switch sides for the better.

It has been a special journey to complete the first book, and it has survived the editing process to really be a book to be proud of and one to base the rest of the trilogy on.  Teachers and parents will appreciate that, although action packed, the book is still appropriate for somewhat younger readers as well as tweens and teens.  If you get The Conquest of Night, then you will be part of history as the book has also been entered into the national book publishing competition sponsored by Amazon.  I will announce the winner and second, third place winners here once the results are back in the late spring of 2013.


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