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Tips for Teel Novel Writers

Always good to get ideas on writing teen novels.

Take your time when crafting a story. Sometimes you may be able to write well and other times your writing may stagnate. Don’t worry about rushing the book to completion but enjoy the process of creating your story that will ultimately be enjoyed by your readers.

Reading alot of books in the genre you are writing in will also help get exposure to how others are crafting their novels. Intrinsically, you will gain a better feel for how to present your material.

I am an avid reader and love to read many of the bestselling novels in the teen fiction genre. I hope I have created my own voice in my current book and am very pleased at the way book 2 is shaping up.

A great tip is not to analyze and be critical of your own writing while you are in creative mode. There is plenty of time for proofreading and editing later on, but you will have more creativity shine through in your work if you get your thoughts down first and then worry about presentation, grammar and organizing the material after.

Good luck to all of us teen writers!

By Justin James – Author