The Citadel of Night by Justin JamesThe Citadel of Night is complete!  Book 2 in the planned trilogy is now on and in its first release.

Teen author Justin James originally penned The Conquest of Night as book 1 in the Chronicles of Night.

Jackson Taeric returns in the Citadel of Night. In this treacherous land with unexplored dangers lurking in every shadow, Jackson
depends on questionable allies with dark pasts.  He is assigned to Falcon’s small expedition force, given the mission of carving a
path to the Citadel while crippling the receding Night’s defenses.

As the Eternai close in on the Citadel, Jackson must decide; should he continue bearing the Eternai banner, or should he kill their king?

The official release for The Citadel of Night is in January, 2014 but pre-release copies are already available.

The book opens with “The Eternai Fleet plowed through the waves, gliding closer and closer to their destination. Upon the Charger, the lead ship in the fleet, Jackson Taeric sweated beneath the rising sun. Some of the deckhands had chose to abandon their shirts, and he wished he had the freedom to do the same, but it wouldn’t be seemly for a someone in Prince Falcon’s retinue to do so. “.

Teen author Justin James is writing his SAT today – Dec. 7, 2013 and hopes to attend a high level business program at a U.S. university.



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