The Citadel of Night

The war rages on

Ballistas on the citadelThe Eternai have driven the Night from their lands after a costly battle in Verden. From his liberated throne, King Talon ordered the Eternai war machine onto their new target; the shadowy and mysterious realm of Night.

16 year old Jackson Taeric is assigned to Falcon’s small expedition force, given the mission of carving a path to the Citadel while crippling the receding Night’s defenses. In an impossible attempt to explore an uncharted country, Jackson battles alongside the Eternai through sunken caves, frozen mountains, and an enchanted forest…but his loyalty to the Eternai is called into question when he receives a letter inviting him to join the Night, written by the Mistress herself.

Jackson discovers his forgotten past in this world and is forced to reconsider his allegiance. Foreign allies bring new light onto the battle, and former friends reveal their true colors. As the Eternai close in on the Citadel, Jackson must decide; should he continue bearing the Eternai banner, or should he kill their king?

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