The Conquest of Night

The first book in the Chronicles of Night trilogy is called The Conquest of Night by author Justin James of Ontario, Canada.

The Conquest of Night – Detailed Synopsis:

The Conquest of Night Map

Jackson Taeric, a 15 year old boy living in Hartengle, Canada has become a target for bullies since enrolling in high school. Constantly picked on and without friends, his main focus is just surviving each day.

Jackson finds no respite in his shabby house in the forest, where he lives with his abusive, alcoholic father. Jackson’s mother disappears on the night of his tenth birthday without a trace, leaving him alone with this increasingly monstrous man he calls ‘Dad’.

One day after school, Jackson is chased by bullies who force him to take refuge amongst the snow-covered trees deep within the forest. Miserable and without direction, Jackson wanders into a clearing where he discovers a mysterious old man who offers Jackson a difficult choice: Will he stay in his current life or enter a magical gateway to a new world? Jackson chooses the new life, well aware he may never return.

Jackson awakens to find himself in a new and mystical land where he encounters strange and enchanting inhabitants as he explores the countryside. However, he quickly learns that all is not well in this world and finds himself in the middle of a raging war between two races.

Those races, the Night and the Eternai, have coexisted in peace for centuries. Recently, however, the Night launched a surprise invasion of the Eternai lands. City by city, the Eternai crumble before the merciless onslaught of the Night. In their final stronghold, the young King Talon and his brother Prince Falcon, call on the loyal citizens to come together and fight for their kingdom.

Jackson must decide which side to join in the battle to stay alive and his search for justice. The decisions he makes could ultimately lead to the downfall of an empire.

The Conquest of Night by Justin JamesWhere to find The Conquest of Night?

In Canada, find the book on or at some local book resellers.

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International may find the book on or on, and other local outlets.